Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer @ Life Prediction Technologies

Submitted 4 years ago by Dan Trepanier 

LPTi delivers world-class prognostics systems and services for turbines and other mechanical structures to dramatically reduce the cost of engine fleet ownership through exact and reliable life assessment, life extension, optimized overhaul intervals, health management and engine efficiency.


As a High Demand Intern you will be trained for three months on commercial Computational Fluid Dynamics software along with the related theory. Be a High Demand Intern and you will also be mentored to model and solve practical problems in thermal analysis of a large range of thermal equipment.

This process is planned to be divided into two steps. 

  • Step 1: a relatively simple application will be investigated where a condenser used in an commercial air-conditioning system is the target. The intern will learn the standard procedure of a CFD analysis by creating 3D model and proper solid-fluid combined mesh, communicating between meshing tools and CFD software, setting up proper boundary conditions, post-processing the results, and very importantly the documentation in a professional approach.
  • Step 2: a complicated application will be investigated where a real gas turbine blade is the target. The intern will learn how to process complicated geometries, mesh quality control, creation of prism layers, typical turbulence models used in turbomachinery, calculation of parameters for off-design conditions, selection of parameter profiles, and results processing.

Our products and services are useful for repair and overhaul facilities, operators, third party parts manufacturers, OEM's and the consultants in the aerospace sector, petro-chemical industries, gas & oil and marine applications.