Community Outreach Intern @ YMCA of Prince George

Submitted 5 years ago by Dan Trepanier 

The Family YMCA of Prince George is one of our city's busiest charities. As we expand our programs into northern BC and build our on-line presence, we have created an opportunity for a an energetic, forward thinking individual to assist with this expansion.


As an Intern you will learn how to expand our social media presence with engaging videos for our YouTube channel and blog about their YMCA experience by participating in as many programs as possible. Second, the intern will expand their research skills by investigating the programming gaps the YMCA of Northern BC can fill in the regions. This will involve research as well as on-line surveys for the general public to fill out in specific communities.  

You  will learn to design and communicate these solutions via the digital medium but also face to face to ensure the digital solutions meet the 'human' need.

  • This new position will allow you to develop your digital information processing skills in a creative, approachable and innovative environment. As an Intern you will design social media activities that attract new audiences, blog about the YMCA and research and recommend regional programming opportunities while receiving expert guidance from experienced YMCA Senior staff.
  • You will improve your research skills by analysing data and potential outcomes.
  • You will learn how to integrate verbal and visual branding guidelines into projects, set and meet deadlines and submit approved deliverables: increased social media awareness as we expand our programming into northern BC.
  • You will have an opportunity to work with a team of committed, generous senior managers to deliver the above in a collaborative, professional setting.