I Learned To Take More Initiative

Submitted 5 years ago by Dan Trepanier 

I was trying to look for a job that can keep me busy and learn more experience. But something I was doing wrong and I didn’t know what I was. So I heard about this program that will help me and get the experience I needed and help me mature, develop me working skills. 

The impact the mentor had in my success was helping me get more experience, and develop me into a young mature adult in the work force. The most important things I learned at my placement is to take more intuitive.

My plans for my future is to go get my masters in social services worker in university. Then get my job into the social services. 

I think they should have more of the internships because we learned a lot threw this program and it helps us develop and know what are we going to do next and it gives us an opportunity to put ourselves out there into the real work environment. 

Anonomous -- Happy Intern