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OAK is an end-to-end software design and development firm that specializes in custom software solutions, interactive websites and portals, content management systems, social media tools and mobile applications. 


We are seeking an intern to support a community mobile development project that we are currently building as a part of our community initiatives. The purpose of the project is to encourage recycling by leveraging technology; allowing citizens to reduce their garbage footprint through access to simple and convenient information distributed through an app, OneTouchRecycle, that allows users to identify and find the closest appropriate recycling facility for their needs, all with a touch of a button. The power of the proposed idea/solution lies in the fact that anyone in Ottawa with any kind of recycling support, whether an individual, an organization, or a business, can open their doors to a noble endeavor. So even if you are not able to recycle at your point of purchase or point of consumption, your ability to walk down the street and step into a location that welcomes you to recycle would open a box of choices for folks who really do not want to be limited in their choices.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iTouch, OneTouchRecycle will help Ottawa residents locate the nearest location to recycle. Whether you need to recycle a bottle of juice you just finished enjoying while out walking, or motor oil that you no longer want to pour down a drain, or plastic bags that you no longer want to save, or rechargeable batteries and paint that you know will cause havoc for generations to come, OneTouchRecycle will connect you with real, local options. OneTouchRecycle will answer the questions: What can I recycle? Where can I recycle? When can I recycle?

Our ideal candidate would be someone with an active interest in mobile development. Someone who is looking to gain some real life experience with our core team while working on a fun community project would be an ideal candidate. We are open/happy to working with candidates who have not worked on mobile projects before, but would see this project as a great learning opportunity to develop new skills while working in the fast paced environment of a technology start-up. The intern will be primarily responsible for assisting the project team with quality assurance testing, and would also be working closely with the lead designer and the product manager to support product marketing activities in preparation for the product launch. 

Over the past 3 years, OAK has developed a rich set of technical and project management training in-house that the intern will have access to immediately. We are very well connected with the local technology community and we are always monitoring programs/training offerings of interest to our team to open them to our interns, employees and contractors. Every alternate Friday afternoon is reserved in OAK for one of the three partners to lead an information/training session on an emerging technology or business trend. Early on in the engagement, we will work with the intern to assess training needs and

 will make sure that the intern has access to the best possible training support for any needs identified. The intern will, as a part of the role, have regular access to local events and training opportunities with agencies such as the Chamber of Commerce, Invest Ottawa, Lead to Win etc. OAK has a strong working relationship with Hub Ottawa, and the intern will have access to all of their programming and all of their events. 

About OAK: OAK is an end-to-end software design and development firm that specializes in custom software solutions, interactive websites and portals, content management systems, social media tools and mobile applications. Since OAK’s inception in 2007, we have built a name for ourselves through a clear and simple approach to software and web development. Our intuitive solutions leverage the best in emerging technologies while combining exceptional user interface design with current web standards and established software/web industry best practices.

Dan Trepanier

Dear YMCA National Office Team,

We had a wonderful placement with both Muhammad and Yasmin and they are both continuing in their roles with us - though it looks like Muhammad may move to West coast sometime later this year. If he does plan to go there, we would help him with seeking a role down there.

A big thank you from all of us here at OAK for your wonderful support. Please know that we really really appreciate.


Manu S
Founder & Managing Partner - OAK Computing
Twitter @ oakcomputing