A Move in The Right Direction - Intern, Miriam C.

Submitted 6 years ago by Dan Trepanier 

At the end of high school, Miriam faced a common dilemma shared by many of today’s young people: What to do next? She knew it was time to start working, because even with her parents’ help, the idea of attending University seemed miles away, both emotionally and financially.

“When I was done with grade twelve, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Though I didn’t want to just bide my time in a retail job, it looked like that was going to be my only option. Looking back now? I’m really glad I was a member of the YMCA.”

Her membership led her to investigate the FPSYIP link on the website for the YMCA of Western Ontario. The rest is history that filled Miriam with pride and purpose.

“What struck me most about my internship at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) was how I was treated immediately like a true professional. My Mentor, and everyone I came in contact with, set expectations of me I’d never experienced before. Plus, the experience really opened my eyes as to just how hard my mom works!”

Miriam learned various CIC archiving and communication procedures, a number of new computer programs, and eventually earned enough trust and responsibility to become part of the team that dealt with the public.

“It was remarkable. No one was treating me like a kid. Eventually people were coming to me to ask questions, and it was my job to give them the right answers. The transferable skills I learned from the CIC are what I value most. I’m better prepared for life.”

Miriam is currently enrolled in the Theatre Performance Program at Concordia University in Montreal.