My Plans For The Future Are Hopeful!

Submitted 5 years ago by Dan Trepanier 

My Mentor at the placement was extremely helpful in many different areas of my internship. They helped me a lot with work I was unfamiliar with and we talked a lot about a return to post-secondary school. They were very supportive of work I needed to complete for my diploma and were always friendly.

I heard about the Federal Government Internships Program through a past Intern while attending night school. 

Before then I was attending school to complete my OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) and working part time. At my placement I worked at the Canada Revenue Agency I worked as an Administrative Support Intern for the Program Services division. 

During my placement I learned many different things including how to schedule my time and organize things. I learned a lot about the government and the Candad Revenue Agency (CRA) as a whole as well as how to work with different clients of higher management.

My Plans for the future are to hopefully stay on with the CRA get a permanent position and night school while I finish my OSSD and then enter College taking night courses for chef school or social work.

Personally I think this Internship Program was an incredible opportunity for a lot of different people and helped a lot. I personally benefited a large amount from it and many other people have. It offered a lot of less fortunate people opportunities and gave them great experience that they can carry on for future careers and in many different aspects of life. I am extremely saddened by the end of the program, hopefully in time it can be back up and running.

Sandy -- A happy graduated Intern.