The Program Changed My Life in Ways I Never Imaginaed

Monday, August 13, 2012

Here is another (short) intern testimonial to make you feel warm and fuzzy this Monday morning.....

I like to think of myself as a huge success from the program. Having gone from being a single mom on income assistance to working for The Department of Justice, to working for the Federal Courts of Canada and now at an amazing law firm. The program has changed my life in ways I thought never imaginable. It actually makes me tear up to think how much my life has changed since I started the program. I wish I could come to celebrate with you all.

Feel free to share my story with the others if you like.

Dan Trepanier

HRSDC, the funder of FPSYIP, would like to thank their partner, the YMCA, for their professionalism and dedication in delivering this great Program.  As well, thank the federal public servants who volunteered to act as mentors.  Without their contribution as well as support, this Program would not have existed. 

As well, to all past interns, your enthusiasm and hard work greatly contributed to the success of this Program.  Thank you.

Diane L
Consultant / Consultante 
Program Operations Branch/Direction générale des opérations de programmes