Thank-You and Merci! - by Kaylee de Haan

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A few parting words, I just wanted to briefly say how amazing this opportunity was and how very grateful I am for all the work experience. Elizabeth Sabine in Vancouver never gave up on me, and on behalf of YMCA, did all she could in getting me this internship. Without her support and dedication none of this would ever have been possible. Kaylee's Profile


The location of my Government Internship was at Mountain Institution. I am so grateful for the staff at Mountain for not just viewing me as another intern but allowing me to take advantage of every learning opportunity that they could offer. I had the pleasure of meeting so many people with Correction Service of Canada and they were all so welcoming and I found them to be truly good, honest and hard working people. In a way In a way I had many mentors who helped guide me through this experience and I have learned so much from everyone and have gained a new found respect for employees of the Federal Government.

I feel really fortunate to have been given this opportunity and to be part of the last group that made it through security clearance.  I can honestly say that my internship at Mountain Institution made a huge impact in my life. Before this internship I had very low self esteem and thought my life was going absolutely nowhere.  I was constantly ending up in a dead end jobs and thought that no one would ever allow me to live up to my greatest potential. 

I realized that in the beginning we were advised that we weren’t all guaranteed a Casual position after our internships and I have not been offered one yet, however remain hopeful that I may be able to return to this department one day in the future. In all honesty just the experience alone and networking with all sorts of people was a blessing in disguise. I’ve always wanted to work for the government of Canada and now I know that I can, because I’m my own person.

Throughout my internship I’ve gained so much more respect from my peers, my family and all sorts of new people I come in contact with. Because of this internship I can honestly say I got off my sorry butt and graduated, got out of debt and I am now starting University in the fall. This internship has not only given me a new begin but a great foundation to help me move forward in my life. At times it’s crazy for me to think that this all started with a chance, a chance at life and a chance to prosper with a realistic goal at the end of the tunnel.

I would really like to extend an extreme thanks to Elizabeth, the YMCA and all the staff at Mountain Institution from the depth of my heart. I am so grateful and happy that I had been able to complete my Government Internship. What I will take from this experience is more self confidence, a better understand of the justice system and wonderful, fond memories.

I don’t know where the road ahead will take me but I know there is nowhere but up from here.  Thanks everyone who was involved in this process and for trying so hard helping me get this internship, never forgetting about me, and for always keeping me in the back of your head during that ten month clearance wait; I am so appreciative.

I am a firm believer that good things come to those who wait and I know for me everything will eventually work out.  I am excited about life, excited for University and I extremely excited for what new adventures now await me in the near future.

Thanks again everyone, I hope to see you around and I wish everyone all the best in their future and all their endeavours, God Bless! 

Yours truly,

lil Kay  - It all started in Summer of 21, what a wonderful summer that was!

Dan Trepanier

Morning Dan and Elizabeth,

Here is the final product of my letter to the YMCA and a current picture of myself as well. I hope all is going well for your both.

Take care,
July 11, 2012