YMCA Canada Hires Digital Skills Intern Justina!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

As you all know, Justina  joined YMCA Canada in March as Graphic and Web Design Intern @ YMCA Canada  via the Digital Skills Youth Internship program (delivered by the YMCA of Greater Toronto).  I am sad to say that Justina’s internship is coming to an end this Friday, July 13.  Justina has been an asset to YMCA Canada, and her skills and talents have supported many aspects of our work in the short time she has been with us.  So, I am happy to announce that Justina will be starting a contract position with YMCA Canada as our Graphic Design Coordinator starting Monday!  Reporting to Angela, Justina will continue to provide support to YMCA Canada staff and to Member Associations in all areas of graphic and digital support until the end of the year.

Angela de Burger has been her ‘Digital Skills Mentor’ as part of the internship program, and has assigned Justina to many projects including our Annual General Meeting, Retiree Banquet,  YMCA Healthy Kids Day, Digital Engagement Handbook, ymcabrandcamp.ca, YMCA Federation News, to name only a few.  Justina’s educational background in graphic design from the Ontario College of Art and Design, combined with her volunteer and internship work experiences have given her a unique skill set that will benefit YMCA Canada and YMCA Member Associations.

Please join me in welcoming Justina to the YMCA staff team!

Meghan Reddick
Vice President, Communications | Vice-présidente, Communications
YMCA Canada

PS: Find Justina on LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/justina-choi/32/756/a98

Dan Trepanier

Justina says Thank-you for the warm welcome message Meghan! 

I want to thank everyone for your kind words and welcoming me into the YMCA Canada staff team! The past few months have been a GREAT experience for me and I've learned so much from everyone since I've started the internship. I'm excited that I get the opportunity to continue to work with such a wonderful team. I look forward to learning more about everyone as well as the organization to bring my expertise to use on exciting projects for the YMCA. And last but not least, I want to thank Angela for being such an amazing and supportive mentor to me by guiding me and teaching me valuable skills needed for this role. Even though the internship has ended, I will continue to learn and build up my skills to assist the YMCA with the best of my abilities. 
Again, thank-you everyone! smiley -Justina
PS: Here is a link to my LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/justina-choi/32/756/a98