Hired, Further Studies, or Job Searching?

Submitted 4 years ago by Dan Trepanier 

Please take a few moments to let us know which of the following 'outcomes' describe your situation immediately following your last day of placement. 


The YMCA would like to know what Interns are 'up to' immediately after their last day of placement. Were you kept on payroll? Did you return to further studies? Etc., Reporting your results to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) highlights the impact of government funded and YMCA run programs, plus often influences the re-funding for other initiatives across Canada.  


  • Hired by Host Organization
  • Found Other Employment
  • Self Employed / Own Business


  • Trade
  • Graduate Studies


  • Actively Job Searching
  • Currently not looking for paid employment
  • Unable to Work 
Participation in the High Demand Youth Internship Program also resulted in .... (select multiple answers); 
  • Increased my confidence & self-esteem
  • Learned transferable skills that can be used from job to job
  • Learned to have a positive attitude toward work, learning and personal growth
  • Learned how to market myself effectively to potential employers
  • Am more motivated to find a job or go into business for myself
  • Am better equipped to decide on and plan my career
  • Learned to work in teams with other people
  • Am better equipped to set goals in work and personal life
  • Am better at problem solving and decision making
  • Improved my communication skills
  • Am better equipped to plan and manage time, money and other resources
  • Learned to recognize and respect other people’s diversity and individual differences
  • Increased my understanding of what is expected in a work situation
  • Improved my work habits