How Can My Part-Time Employer Hire Me As An Intern?

Submitted 4 years ago by Dan Trepanier 

I am looking for full-time work related to my field of study and qualify for the High Demand  or Digital Skills Internship Program. What can we do to make the High Demand Youth Internship Program  or Digital Skills Youth Internship Program work for both me and my future employer? 


I am an underemployed, Post Secondary Grad working part-time in a job that is not an ideal match for me. My employer qualifies to participate in the High Demand Youth Internship Program or the Digital Skills Youth Internship Program and I wish to apply for that new job! 

Can you please advise me on what to do? 

  • Your current employer must go online and apply to be a host organization. - Please direct any interested employers you know to apply! 
  • We will review all employer applications equally and fairly.
  • Approvals are based on the number of positions we can approve,  the quality of the opportunity and a number of other eligibility and suitability factors. 
  • Any young person meeting the program eligibility criteria may apply for any of the unmatched and approved positions via our online system. 
  • Employers assigned to the Internship opportunity are the ones that select via the online system, the preferred candidate.

If your employers job posting is approved and you qualify and apply and he/she decides to hire you that's GREAT! 

You would have to leave your current part-time (under-employed) job before starting your new full-time Internship.  Your employer needs to confirm that they will consider keeping you employed after the wage subsidy period is over.