How Much Do I Make via HD-YIP?

Submitted 4 years ago by Dan Trepanier 

The total rate of pay for interns participating in the High Demand Youth Internship Program (HD-YIP) shall not be less than an hourly rate  of $16.  At this rate the maximum amount an employer could claim is $8/hr. Employers may elect to top up the $16/hr rate.


Employers get reimbursed $8.00/hr from the Federal Government for hiring an Intern. The minimum an Intern can make is $16/hr which means that 50% of the Interns wages are subsidized.

But there are some stipulations. Employers must; 

  • pay the Mandatory Employment Related Costs (MERCS).
  • place Interns in a pre-existing available position (i.e., currently vacant),
  • consider hiring the Intern to fill the available position following the end of the Work Experience,
  • would not have considered inexperienced youth for this position in the absence of the wage subsidy.