Junior Editor Intern @ inMotion DVS

Submitted 4 years ago by Dan Trepanier 

One of the things we hear consistently from our clients is how great our people are. And our clients couldn’t be more right. Our team members were painstakingly selected to help create one of Canada’s most capable, creative and content-rich video production companies, with offices in Ottawa, Toronto, and Calgary. With complementary skills, the instincts to zero in on the best ideas, and a knack for delivering the highest production values, it’s our people that make the difference.


Be a High Demand Intern involved in editing of digital video reporting to a senior editor and creative director. The intern will work primarily for the stock footage division of inMotion called inStox. Duties will include the careful selection of professional quality video segments from internal and third party sources. inStox takes great pride to provide rare and professional grade video clips to be distributed on the inStox website (www.instox.ca). In addition the intern will be asked to use his or her creative and technical talents to produce moving, funny or informational videos derived from our stock footage archive, new material shot on location or in our studio with the ability to add new audio segments utilizing our in-house sound lab. As a side benefit the intern will have the opportunity to use our extensive inventory of camera equipment to shoot their own stock footage for the site. The intern will receive a commission for any material that is included and subsequently licensed through the site.  http://www.inmotion.ca

inMotion/inStox is a very intern friendly environment. We take in many interns every year from our local colleges and universities. Our interns benefit greatly from working with seasoned industry professionals while improving their craft everyday.