Digital Skills Youth Internship Program Morphs into NEW Initiative

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Digital Skills Youth Internship Program is renewed and we are now accepting applications. More Details - DSYIP


8 April 2013

The very successful Digital Skills Youth Internship Program (DYIP) originally came to a close mid June, 2013 - There are no plans for program renewal at this time.

The $1.2-million National Program, sponsored by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) (Career Focus Initiative) was delivered in partnership with the YMCA, to offer professionals the chance to help a young person (up to 30) who is a post-secondary graduate, build skills, develop confidence and benefit from the guidance and support of a mentor.

Internship opportunities were full-time, 16 to 20 weeks in length, and offered practical assignments that help motivated youth develop transferable skills. As of April 11, 2013 (the writing of this post), the YMCA does not anticipate that DYIP will be refunded in June 2013. Therefore, we are not accepting employer or intern applications for DYIP. 

However we are very pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative called the High Demand Youth Internship Program. HD-YIP is another Federal Government Career Focus Initiative. The purpose of Career Focus is to provide a work experience that facilitates the transition to the labour market. 

Given the skills level of this target group, (Be a High Demand Intern ) the number of work experience available under the Youth Employment Strategy (YES), and the number of young people needing experience the YMCA will be accepting Intern and Mentor applications by May 2013. 

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Please note that HD-YIP is a new initiative offered to Private Sector employers (host organizations) only and is wage subsidized for 50% paid at minimum $16/hour to the intern unlike the former digital skills program which was fully funded. Please pass along to your network and share the opportunity.

The High Demand Youth Internship Program (HDYIP) gives professionals the chance to help young people build skills, develop confidence and benefit from the guidance and support of a workplace mentor.  Internships are full-time practical, broadly based assignments that helps a motivated person develop transferable skills needed to be successful. The internships are expected to run for 40 to 26 weeks.

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