Interns Strengthen Relationships Within Canada's Cultural Communities

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Vibhor Garg is the Executive Director of Canadian Roots Exchange and an active supporter of our YMCA National Internship Programs.

It's always a pleasure working with employers like Vibhor because he totally gets it! He was able to engage three young people through various internship programs over the past three years and says he finds these initiatives to be extremely valuable in bringing a post-secondary grad into organizations like his.
Vibhor states that as a Digital Skills Internship host supervisor he saw many dynamic, motivated and extremely competent young people from newcomer, Aboriginal and visible minority communities apply.  "Given that young people are often more familiar and competent with digital technology, as a supervisor, it can be a challenge to select the ideal candidate from a large pool of such talented young people" says Vibhor.  There are many recent graduates who have so much to offer but there are often few vacant staff positions or opportunities for youth to showcase their skills  -- hence the need for Internships such as the  Youth Engagement Intern @ Canadian Roots Exchange
Through previous roles via other organizations he was able to employ interns from First Nations, Inuit and ethno-racial minority communities and noticed they typically had more employment barriers than youth from other communities. Government funded youth internships administered across Canada through the YMCAs offer many benefits to mentors willing make a difference. In Vibhor's case he says he is personally inspired as a supervisor and gains more self awareness of just how much his mentoring role changes a young persons reality on life. "Their dedication, commitment and fresh insight brings a new energy into the office. Interns are enormous assets to our organization and expose staff to much needed fresh perspectives. As well they strengthen relationships within Canada's cultural communities"   
Leaders like Vibhor often tell us how grateful they are for the resources YMCA and Government co-sponsored programs offer. He believes the length of internships is ideal as it allows recent graduates enough time to gain valuable training and helps employers capitalize on funding sources that offer an extra incentive when considering a permanent job offer to an eager new hire. This past summer the Youth Engagement Intern, supervised by Vibhor, was able to secure full time employment prior to the end of their internship. Repeat mentors look forward to applying for another opportunity to work with, and hire more young people as YMCA National Programs receive continued government funding. 


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Dan Trepanier

I had fun writing this story! 

Dan Trepanier

Vibhor I understand you have another very dynamic First Nations youth volunteer who is a recent university graduate.  Its great that she has been helping you out on a regular basis the last month.  Currently we have reached capacity allocating the internships but are optimistic funding will open up this summer!