Reasons For Early Withdrawal?

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The vast majority of Interns successfully finish their full internship term ('Completed Internship') whereas a small number withdraw prior to their planned end date. ('Early Withdrawal'). It is the employers responsibility to notify the YMCA program liaison when an intern leaves the program.


There are a variety of reasons a participant leaves the internship. The employer must also report the reason to Service Canada on a form called a ROE (Records of Employment).

    • Hired by Host Organization 
    • Found Employment 
    • Returned to School Illness/Injury
    • Moved
    • Personal/Family Reasons 
    • Maternity
    • Abandonment of Position
    • Failed Security Clearance
    • Shortage of Work
    • Performance Issues
Dan Trepanier

Dear YMCA: As I was completing the Internship Application, I noticed that the internship duration is 34 weeks. My question is what if we realize part way through the internship that the person we are mentoring does not work out for us.  Are we obligated to keep this person on for the full 34 weeks or can we let this person go? -- Employer, Office Manager/HR Administrator.

ANSWER: Thanks for your interest in the program. The hope is to find a right candidate best suited for the role; the intent is to be able to offer fulltime employment and make it a win win for both parties involved.

However we fully understand from past experience that interns can chose to leave for their own reasons and  similarly should there be concerns on either sides there might be a situation of termination. So, in that case the employer gets reimbursed  50% or up to $8 of the hourly wages paid to the intern for the time they were employed provided all required document are submitted to the YMCA in a timely manner plus reason for the termination.

Hope this helps, feel free to call for any additional questions.