Technical Writer Intern @ AFA Systems

Submitted 4 years ago by Dan Trepanier 

AFA Systems Ltd. is a leading provider of Custom Designed Automation Solutions for a variety of Industries World Wide. We are a provider of end-to-end solutions for all of our clients.


Be a High Demand Intern and part of a great small company experience – working for a organization like AFA gives you deep insight to the inner workings of how a manufacturing company operates, as you will be expected to become involved in many discussions: from new product features, to marketing campaigns, to operational policies and procedures! It is the kind of experience you can only get from a small company. We offer our Intern a Competitive salary plus potential bonuses, health care and dental plan.

You focus is to prepare,  document and in some cases present; 

  • technical training courses.
  • research and development activities at the company.
  • maintenance/operating manuals for company products by researching technical documents, interviewing of technical resources, and compiling data into a clear, easy to follow Manual;
  • various product training materials, including ncludes interviewing technical personel, documenting experiments and tracking results.
  • to deliver technical training courses to customers. This includes research, compilation of a data into training guides, training aids, and relevant audio/visual course material;

There will be opportunities totravel to customers sites to run training programs.