Intern Payroll Confirmation Process (HD-YIP)

Submitted 4 years ago by Dan Trepanier 

Selected and Approved Interns are placed on the Host Organization’s Payroll. The YMCA administers the wage reimbursement process on behalf of the Federal Government (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada - HRSDC).


There's documentation that employers must provide to confirm wages were actually paid to Post Secondary Grads of the High Demand Youth Internship Program (HD-YIP).  Upon completion of the internship, for reimbursement, employers must submit the following to the YMCA; 

  • A copy of cancelled payroll cheques and/or pay stubs,
  • Payroll records of the Intern Participant(s),
  • Source Deduction statement and proof of payment,
  • Statement of actual hours worked,
  • Verification by the YMCA of the claim for the payment MAY include an audit by the YMCA or its agent of the Employer’s accounting and payroll records and books to verify the amount of the costs for which the Employer has claimed payment under this Agreement. The YMCA may withhold payment until the claim has been verified.

Employers are responsible to:

  • determine if and what type of Criminal Reference Check (CRC) is necessary, and if required execute and pay for CRC's,
  • complete all related employment documents (employment contract, tax forms, direct deposit forms etc) before the Intern starts work,
  • ensure that the internship is full-time, and will not exceed 40 hours per week.
  • submit the payroll verification documents to the YMCA within 30 days of the completed internship.

Employers can expect to be reimbursed for these expenses within 30 days of confirmation that the signed payment claim is submitted and completed correctly (including all of the required attachments confirming wages were actually paid to the Participant as outlined in the contract agreement).

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