Your Request For An Internship Has Been Approved (HD-YIP)

Submitted 4 years ago by Dan Trepanier 

An example of the type of approval letter employers will receive once their internship opportunity has been approved.


Dear Mentor, Your request for an intern has been approved! You have taken up the challenge of mentorship and are about to embark on a very rewarding journey that will have a lasting impact on the life of a young person, and the culture of your organization.

The internship has been assigned an alphanumeric code. Soon you will start receiving on-line applications from candidates... these are the reminders of the next steps that must be followed:

To select a candidate, interview those that most interest you using the selection process of your choice. The process must be TRANSPARENT AND FAIR. Please also consider employment equity objectives in selecting candidates. Finally, remember that the program exists for the benefit of the intern. We therefore encourage you to consider the candidate who would most benefit from the experience. Once you select your candidate you will need to ask them to provide 2 pieces of Government Acceptable Identification and bring a copy of their Post Secondary Degree/Diploma.

In order to receive the wage subsidy reimbursement, you are responsible to ensure your Intern is;

  • up to and including 30 years of age at the time of placement
  • a post-secondary graduate and can provide proof (2 yrs minimum) of college or university
  • unemployed or underemployed at the time of placement (yes that is a very subjective interpretation)
  • can commit to a full time internship
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations
  • NOT in receipt of employment insurance (EI) benefits (at time of hire). The Social Insurance Number (SIN) on your Interns on-line application form will be used by Service Canada (the funder) to verify their program eligibility.

Please ensure you receive YMCA Confirmation That Your Selected Intern Is Eligible to Participate before you place them on payroll and be aware of the Intern Payroll Confirmation Process and Intern Proof of Identity and Academic Standing.  Print out the Wage Subsidy Application including the Terms, Conditions, and Attestations form, sign it and send it to your YMCA program office.

Thank you for supporting this initiative and for helping Canadian youth benefit from the wealth of experience, talent and knowledge your organization can offer them.  By providing a young person the chance to gain essential workplace experience, you are contributing to Canada’s future prosperity.

Should you require any further information or assistance concerning the High Demand Youth Internship Program, please do not hesitate to Contact Internship Success Support Team

Yours sincerely

Note: This post is for illistrative purposes. An email is sent to each Mentor and contains the web link to application details.